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From: The Rheumatologist, April 2015


Imaging in Ankylosing Spondylitis

MRI inflammation, fat and new bone formation in the sacroiliac joints, spine in patients with AS

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pregnancy

Research shows women with RA at risk of preterm birth

Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners Can Help Grow Rheumatology Practices

Tips to establish collaborative patient care models with your PAs, NPs

Mind-Body Focus Can Improve Treatment, Outcomes in Rheumatic Disease

Recognizing psychological effects of chronic conditions can help rheumatologists implement multidisciplinary approach to patient care

Medication Non-Adherence by Rheumatology Patients & What Rheumatologists Can Do

Lack of efficacy, poor DAS scores may be misinterpreted as a drug failure

Advice Rheumatologists Can Share with Patients Planning to Relocate, a Patient Perspective

Tips for stocking up on medications, providing comprehensive health history to new physicians and coping with stress

Podiatry for Rheumatologists: Treating Patients’ Foot Complaints

Tips for diagnosing, managing hallux rigidus, metatarsalgia, neuroma and rear foot problems in rheumatology patients

New Therapeutics for Osteoarthritis May Be in Sight

Overview of OA pathogenesis, recent discoveries suggest new treatment strategies are possible

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From the College

HIPAA Security Standards: What Rheumatologists Need to Know

Maintain compliance with updated federal rules governing privacy protection for patient health information

Congressional Lawmakers Every Rheumatologist Should Know

Key leaders, committee members who can influence federal issues relevant to rheumatology

The ACR’s Affiliate Societies Council Chair Backs Advocacy

Howard Blumstein, MD, urges rheumatologists to recruit patient advocates, visit legislators, attend state society meetings

Coding Corner Question: April

Coding for an office visit by a patient with osteoarthritis who has a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan

Coding Corner Answer: April

Coding for an office visit by a patient with osteoarthritis who has a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan

Former Foundation President Reflects on 30 Years of Research & Training

Q&A with inaugural president Arthur Weaver, MD, MS, as the Foundation marks its 30th anniversary

Rheumatology Practice Manager’s Role in Managing Rheumatic Disease

Operational, budgetary, financial and human resource responsibilities typically fall under practice managers’ domains

In Memoriam: Remembering Rheumatologists Stephen M. Krane, MD, Nathan J. Zvaifler, MD, Franc Alexander 'Andy' Barada Jr., MD

Professional rheumatology community mourns loss of physicians who made great contributions to specialty

Rheumatology Research Foundation Receives $1 Million Donation

Norman B. Gaylis, MD, provides funds to benefit physician-driven medical research; establish ongoing research award for practicing rheumatologists

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Biosimilar Drug for Infliximab Launched in Europe

Plus, updates on arhalofenate, ALO-02, and other rheumatology drug news, safety information

Tech Talk: HealthPatch MD Latest in Wearable Health Devices

HealthPatch, Body Guardian, other wearable cardiac monitors could be considered for wider use among patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Ethics Forum: Terminating Inpatient Rheumatology

Ethical considerations for rheumatologists in terminating consultative services to a community hospital

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The Diagnostic View: Assess Your Rheumatology Knowledge

Radiograph, MR images of a 55-year-old man with chronic back pain

The Diagnostic View: Our Findings

Radiograph, MR images reveal symmetric erosive sacroiliitis in a patient who was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis

Can DIY Medicine Tame Rampaging Healthcare Costs?

High health insurance deductibles, physician charges, medication expenses spur patients to seek less costly lab testing, surgical procedures, prescription drugs

Value of Patient Care Services in Rheumatology Gets Boost

By developing guidelines, quality measures, data on patient outcomes, the ACR helps rheumatologists translate the value of their work to the world

Electronic Health Records Systems Distract Physicians from Patient Care

Junior rheumatologist says EHRs equal the 'End of Humane Reasoning' when it comes to patient care, practice management

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2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Macrophage Activation Syndrome

The pathogenesis of and new classification criteria for MAS

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Bone Fracture Concerns in Children

Recognizing, reducing risk of bone fractures in pediatric patients with rheumatic disease, taking glucocorticoid therapy

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases and Cancer

Links between autoimmunity, malignancy prompt rheumatologists to include cancer screening for patients

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Methotrexate Use in Patients with RA

Review of clinical research on methotrexate therapy, effect on patients’ functionality, tolerability, adverse events

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Sjögren’s Complications

Tips to screen for, treat central or peripheral nervous system disorders, lymphoma in patients with Sjögren’s syndrome

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Super Proteins Eyed in Therapies for Rheumatic Diseases

Immunoglobulin superfamily of proteins, CTLA-4 and PD-1, may generate treatments for RA, SLE

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Rheumatologic Research Uncovers Clues to Therapies

Studies explore role of STING pathway in bone remodeling, denosumab to reduce fracture risk, autotaxin’s role in fibrosis, SSc

2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Regulatory T Cells

Rheumatology experts explore ways Treg cells contribute to autoimmune diseases, RA

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