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From: The Rheumatologist, January 2015


The ACR/ARHP Honors ARHP Members for Contributions to Rheumatology

A profile of individuals recognized for advancing rheumatology advocacy, service, education, patient care

Rheumatology Health Professionals Reap Rewards of Volunteerism

ARHP volunteer leaders discuss benefits of committee service

Nurses' Health Study Continues to Offer Valuable Patient Data

Nurses' cohort of 38 years provides wealth of patient information, research for rheumatologists

How to Launch a Rheumatology Fellowship Program

Tips on getting started, overcoming challenges, maintaining a successful fellowship program

fMRI Provides Visual Evidence of Pain

Functional MRI scans that show how pain changes the brain could help rheumatologists develop better approaches to pain relief

Osteoimmunology Research May Benefit Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Cross-talk between bone biology, immune system may shed light on joint erosion, refine therapeutic targets for RA

Chronic Pain: The Psychiatric Perspective

Why rheumatic pain is more than a joint issue

Biomarkers to Guide Diagnosis, Treatment of Rheumatic Diseases

Examining the usefulness, drawbacks of current biomarkers in rheumatology and progress to develop better ones

Hepatitis Reaction with Rituximab Sparks Drug Safety Alert

The FDA modifies rituximab prescribing information to stress risk of hepatitis B virus reactivation

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National Institute of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases Report for 2015

NIAMS director Stephen I. Katz, MD, PhD, highlights agency research, training planned for this year and beyond

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From the College

How to Manage Denials of Evaluation and Management Coding for New Rheumatology Patients

Tips on defining new and established patients; determining an appeal approach

United States' 114th Congress Starts Its Session

A breakdown of the political makeup of Congress as the ACR, RheumPAC gear up to meet, educate newly elected lawmakers

Coding Corner Answers: January

Proper coding for cases of drug-induced gout, systemic lupus erythematosus with lung involvement, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis

Coding Corner Questions: January

Coding cases of drug-induced gout, systemic lupus erythematosus with lung involvement, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis

New Opportunities to Advance Rheumatology Through State Advocacy in 2015

As state legislatures reconvene, the ACR is identifying states, collaborative partners to help pursue legislation

Rheumatology Research Foundation Grant Funds Training to Improve Patient Care

The ARHP's Health Professional Online Education Grant is earmarked for nurse practitioners, physician assistants caring for patients with rheumatic diseases

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The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Rheumatology Drug Updates, Safety News

Plus, hydrocodone combination products and brodalumab

Rheum After 5: Remembering Medicine's Past

Donah Zack Crawford charts medicine's evolution with collection of 18th century medical instruments

What Physicians Should Know Before Leaving a Medical Practice

Termination provisions your employment agreement should include; plus other considerations to address before you transition

The ACR/ARHP Member News

Awards, appointments and announcements in the world of rheumatology

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Tobacco and Medicine: A Hazy Relationship

How tobacco companies tapped physicians to bolster hollow marketing claims to sell cigarettes

What the Physician Payment Sunshine Act & Open Payments Database Mean in Practice

Revised CMS policy on payments, transfers of value to physicians incorporates exemption for continuing medical education

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The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Telomeres and the Aging Immune System

How research into telomere shortening is uncovering links to immune response, inflammatory conditions

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Rheumatoid Arthritis Raises Mortality Risk in Women

Data from Nurses' Health Study, other clinical trials point to higher risk of respiratory, cardiovascular disease death in women with RA

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Gaining Support

Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute executives review PCORI's funding, research focus and the importance of including patients as partners

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Fat's Role in Inflammation

How obesity, metabolic stress, inflammation contribute to rheumatic diseases

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Predicting Outcomes for Patients with Lupus Nephritis

Better understanding of kidney inflammation and fibrosis in LN, along with finding novel disease biomarkers could help rheumatologists gauge patients' response to therapy

The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Wellness Ultimate Goal in Rheumatology Patient Care

Physician Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, shares his vision of genomics-driven, proactive, wellness-focused medicine in keynote address

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Commentary: Generic Drugs Can Increase Opportunities for Medication Errors

Why dispensing pharmacies should provide color chart of generic drugs they substitute each month

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