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From: The Rheumatologist, July 2014


How to Manage Physician Burnout

Stress-coping techniques for physicians under strain of healthcare industry changes

Rheumatologists May Help Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Overcome Obstacles to Sex

By asking about their sexual relationships, rheumatologists can improve quality of patients' love lives

Malignant Atrophic Papulosis Is Challenging to Diagnose, Treat

Patient histories, clinician reports of condition also called Köhlmeier-Degos disease underscore need for integrated, multidisciplinary care

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From the College

Healthcare Market Payment Shift Makes Patient Co-Pays More Important

Physicians will need to enforce stricter policies, procedures to collect patient co-payments, deductibles

Coding Corner Answers: July

Answers to rheumatologists' five most common coding and billing questions

The ACR’s Advocacy Leadership Conference Brings Volunteers to Washington, D.C.

Concerns over rheumatology patient care, research funding, Medicare discussed with Congressional representatives

Coding Corner Questions: July

Rheumatologists' five most common coding and billing questions

Rheumatology Research Foundation Grant Supports Medical School Curriculum Study

Funding aimed at teaching future physicians, rheumatologists clinical decision-making skills

2014 Physician Quality Reporting System; Important Dates, Deadlines

PQRS reporting deadlines required to meet to reap incentives, avoid penalties

The 2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting Offers Programs for Rheumatology Clinicians, Researchers, Practice Management Professionals

Rheumatology's premier event to be held in Boston from Nov. 14–19

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Rheumatology Drug Updates, Trials, Safety Data

An update on baricitinib, plus safety warnings on belimumab, eszopiclone and zoledronic acid

Rheumatologists on the Move

Awards, appointments and announcements in the world of rheumatology

Avoid Data Breaches, HIPAA Violations When Posting Patients’ Protected Health Information Online

Learn how to de-identify patient information before sharing it over social media or by other means

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Teaching Rheumatology in Haiti

Rheumatologist Ronald J. Anderson, MD, describes volunteer experience with medical residents, teaching rheumatology

Malpractice Lawsuit Fear Provokes Defensive Medicine Response

Minimizing exposure to malpractice litigation has affected how physicians practice medicine

How Maintenance of Certification Rule Changes Affect Rheumatologists

The ACR offers resources, tools to help rheumatologists navigate MOC process, earn points

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Spondyloarthritis: Clues to Earlier Recognition

Rheumatologists at the California Rheumatology Alliance 10th Annual Medical & Scientific Meeting discuss challenges to diagnosing, managing spondyloarthritides

Lupus Classification Criteria Expanded; Treat-to-Target Approach Gains Support

Rheumatologists at the California Rheumatology Alliance 10th Annual Medical & Scientific Meeting in San Francisco outline disease classification criteria, treat-to-target approach to lupus

Janus Kinase Inhibitors Represent New Tool to Slow Rheumatoid Arthritis

Physicians at the California Rheumatology Alliance 10th Annual Medical & Scientific Meeting in San Francisco report on studies about JAK inhibitors as targeted immunomodulators and disease-modifying therapies in RA

Diagnose, Manage and Treat Giant Cell Arteritis

A rheumatologist at the California Rheumatology Alliance 10th Annual Medical & Scientific Meeting in San Francisco shares research findings on this inflammatory blood vessel disease

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Letters: Multidisciplinary Care Treatment Goals, Guidelines Essential for Patients

A patient case [The Rheumatologist, May 2014], emphasizes importance of good communication among multiple healthcare providers

Letters: UCLA Study on HLA-B27 Link with Ankylosing Spondylitis at Forefront

Researchers Scholosstein et al were first to connection HLA antigens to the inflammatory disease, not Brewerton et al as reported [The Rheumatologist, May 2014]

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