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From the College: Rheumatology Research Foundation Announces 2015 Grants and Awards

Corporate financial donations support Foundation's awards, grants for rheumatology research, education, training

From the College: ACR Travel Grants Encourage Collaboration, Research in Rheumatology

Grant recipients who attended the 34th annual European Workshop for Rheumatology Research recall conference highlights, connecting with overseas colleagues

From the College: Rheumatology Research Foundation Updates Awards and Grants Program

Foundation adopts recommendations to expand fellowship training awards, offer new award options for investigators, and provide support for resident research preceptorship award

From the College: Rheumatology Research Foundation Grant Aids Investigations Into Rheumatoid Arthritis

Funds help scientists explore role of neutrophil extracellular traps in the pathogenesis of RA

From the College: Rheumatology Research Foundation Announces 2013 Awards and Grants Recipients

The Foundation names winners of education and training awards, career development research awards, and disease-targeted research grants

Features: Rheumatologists Seek Public Vote for Research Grant Award

The Biomedical Research Institute at Brigham and Women’s Hospital is giving its staff, patients, and the rest of the world the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea for a research project in personalized medicine--and two rheumatologists made it to the finals with their research proposals.

Columns: Rheumatology Researchers Should Learn from their Lab Animals, Not Imitate Them

Rheumatologists, as a group, tend to be detail oriented, critical thinkers with strong opinions, and these same characteristics make them extremely rigorous as grant reviewers.

Features: Cuts to NIH Funding Affect Programs and Careers

Potentially large cuts in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding are driving a search for alternative sources of research and training dollars, intensifying the need for near perfection in grant applications, and may be driving some young physician scientists away from careers in research.

From the College: REF and AF Partner to Provide an Additional “Bridge Funding”

Fostering promising investigators is imperative to the future of rheumatology, so when the ACR Research and Education Foundation (REF) board of directors discovered that outstanding applicants were not being funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) K-series grant program (the NIH’s career development award program) due to budgetary constraints, the REF quickly called a meeting with the Arthritis Foundation (AF) and the NIH to discuss a solution.

From the College: 2007–2008 REF Award Recipients

The REF ensures the future of rheumatology by ensuring that there are well-trained rheumatologists and rheumatology health professionals to provide quality care. To achieve this, REF maintains an extensive award and grant program with research, training, and education opportunities for medical students, fellows, clinicians, researchers, health professionals, and academic institutions.



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