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News: Home Microbiome Project Pegs People as Primary Bacteria Vectors

Research suggests humans harbor microbial fingerprint that can be transferred to new indoor spaces

News: Rheumatologists May Not Benefit from Hike in Healthcare Spending

Experts predict specialists treating chronic conditions may become cost-cutting targets

News: Better Blood Pressure Screening Needed to Manage Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Study finds hypertensive patients with RA less likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure than non-RA patients

Features: Methotrexate & Adverse Respiratory Events

A secondary review

News: Patients with Non-Classic Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Can Benefit from Surgery

Patients with extra-median spread of CTS symptoms had similar post-surgical outcomes as patients with classic CTS

News: Hypersensitivity to Non-Painful Events May Be Part of Pathology in Fibromyalgia

New research shows that patients with fibromyalgia have hypersensitivity to non-painful events based on images of the patients’ brains, which show reduced activation in primary sensory regions and increased activation in sensory integration areas.

News: Socioeconomic Factors Contribute to Inconsistent Use of DMARDs Among Patients with RA

Study suggests that addressing predictors may help tailor efforts to improve care, treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis

News: Rheumatologists’ Involvement Aids in Gout Diagnosis, Follow-up for Inpatients

Two studies find rheumatologists can help optimally manage gout episodes

News: Rheumatology Practices May Soon Feel Financial Pinch from Insurers

Shrinking network sizes, smaller physician reimbursements on horizon

News: Pharmacists Raise Level of Care for Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis

Study finds multidisciplinary care approach results in better pain management, functionality and quality of life

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