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News: Serum Uric Acid May Be Link between Sleep Apnea and Cardiovascular Disease

New research has shown elevated levels of serum uric acid in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and an increased likelihood of cardiovascular events in patients with severe OSA.

News: Backlog Slows Medicare Appeals Process for Hospitals, Physicians

Recovery Audit Program brings in record number of appeals, clogs system

News: Orexin’s Yin/Yang Functions Regulate Bone Remodeling

Working both to support bone formation and suppress it, a new study reveals orexin neuropeptides are essential regulators of skeletal homeostasis

News: Aggregated Neutrophils Limit Inflammation

A new study suggests understanding this antiinflammatory pathway may lead to new immunomodulatory therapy for resolving inflammation

News: Medical Marijuana Use by Rheumatology Patients Needs Closer Look

Study calls for more research into drug’s safety, side effects before rheumatologists prescribe pot to patients with chronic pain

News: ADA2 Mutation Connects Vascular Pathology to Immunodeficiency

Two new studies that examine the effects of a genetic defect in adenosine deaminase 2 may advance a gene-based definition of vasculopathy

News: Hospitalists Gain Insight on Signs, Symptoms of Infection Among Inpatients on Biologic Drugs

Rheumatologist at Society of Hospital Medicine conference provides treatment recommendations for hospital patients with rheumatic disease

News: Treg Cells May Orchestrate Muscle Repair after Injury

New research shows the accumulation of regulatory T cells in damaged muscle corresponds with a switch in the myeloid cell infiltrate from a proinflammatory to a proregenerative phenotype.

News: Tacrolimus Aids Joint Remodeling in Rheumatoid Arthritis

When added to a regimen of low-dose methotrexate, the calcineurin inhibitor was found to increase bone formation in a patient with erosive RA.

News: Closer Scrutiny of Chronic Pain Patients Needed

A new study links high costs to patients with chronic pain conditions and an opioid prescription.

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