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Viewpoints: Letters: Multidisciplinary Care Treatment Goals, Guidelines Essential for Patients

A patient case [The Rheumatologist, May 2014], emphasizes importance of good communication among multiple healthcare providers

Viewpoints: Letters: UCLA Study on HLA-B27 Link with Ankylosing Spondylitis at Forefront

Researchers Scholosstein et al were first to connection HLA antigens to the inflammatory disease, not Brewerton et al as reported [The Rheumatologist, May 2014]

Viewpoints: Letters: More Tools for Inflammatory Myopathies

A reader offers more diagnostic tools for inflammatory myopathies

Viewpoints: Letters: A Word of Caution on Colchicine Study

A rheumatologist warns against generalizing findings of the study reported in “Colchine Effective for Acute Pericarditis” [published online October 31, 2013] to all patients with rheumatic diseases

Viewpoints: Letters: Criticism for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies in Rheumatoid Arthritis

One reader calls claims about the effectiveness of CAM to treat RA misleading; author notes proving the efficacy of alternative treatments remains challenging

Viewpoints: Letters: Rheumatologist's Trip to Rural Nepal Is A Fine Adventure

Praise for Dr. Steven S. Overman's expedition medicine trip to Nepal

Viewpoints: Letters: Detecting Lyme Disease May Require Thorough Testing

A Western Blot test, and other assays, may be needed to confirm Lyme disease even if an ELISA screen is negative

Viewpoints: Letters: Importance of Rheumatologic Physical Exam

A rheumatologist stresses the need for more thorough exams in the context of one patient's hospital admission for stroke

Viewpoints: Letters: Reflections on Rheumatology Fellowship Guidelines

A physician suggests the educational responsibilities and priorities of rheumatology fellows should reinforce person- and patient-centered management

Viewpoints: Letters: Rheumatologists' Role in Arthritis Support Groups

How physicians can help patients find social groups, the Arthritis Foundation, and online support services for people with arthritis



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