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Features: New Therapeutics for Osteoarthritis May Be in Sight

Overview of OA pathogenesis, recent discoveries suggest new treatment strategies are possible

Viewpoints: Prior Authorization Requests Delay or Prevent Delivery of Needed Meds

Rheumatologist denounces common practice as a time-draining impediment to patient care

Features: Atherosclerosis Insights May Shed Light on Lupus

New research compares pathogenic immune response in SLE with immune response that contributes to atherosclerotic plaque

Features: The ACR Recommends Cautious Approach as Biosimilars Enter U.S. Market

With the U.S. FDA’s first approval of a biosimilar drug earlier this month, rheumatologists stress the need to ensure safety, efficacy of such drugs in treating rheumatic diseases

Features: Infliximab, Tocilizumab Can Help in Large Vessel Vasculitis

Case studies show some patients with LVV can achieve remission after treatment with biological agents

Features: Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular Disease More Common in Patients with Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome

Study adds to research linking increased risk of morbidity, early mortality from CV events among patients with systemic autoimmune diseases

Features: Patient’s Journey with Rheumatoid Arthritis Redefines 'Treat to Target'

Rheumatologist Richard Brasington, MD, says patient John Reigstad’s active participation in treatment decisions shows how much improving quality of life matters

Features: NIAMS’ Intramural Research Programs Foster Spirit of Discovery

National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases program recognized for excellence in training, innovation

Meeting: 2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Immunology Update on Innate Lymphoid Cells

Experts highlight research on the overlap in innate and acquired immune responses underlying rheumatic diseases

Meeting: 2014 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Microbiota Power

Gut bacteria may hold clues to breakthrough rheumatic disease treatments



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