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Features: Biomarkers in Rheumatoid Arthritis Remain Elusive

Biomarkers to assess disease progression are in use, but none can predict which therapy will work best for each patient

Features: The Rheumatologist as Detective

A case of difficult-to-diagnose Whipple's disease

Meeting: The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Lung Fibrosis

New drugs, targeted treatments for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

News: New Compound Promotes Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury

Research suggests delivery of protein peptide can restore serotonergic innervation to spinal cord below level of injury; facilitate recovery of locomotor and urinary system function

News: Hepatitis C Virus Infection Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Research finds patients with chronic HCV infection more likely to develop RA, especially men

News: Shorter Antibiotic Therapy Effective for Pyogenic Vertebral Osteomyelitis

Six-week treatment regimen returns same results as 12 weeks in recent study, although researchers caution findings may not apply to all patients with vertebral osteomyelitis

News: Healthcare Software Makes Office Visits More Productive for Patients, Physicians

Rheum-PACER system integrates, synthesizes multiple sources of patient information

News: Genetic Risk Factors for Rheumatoid Arthritis Merit More Research

New report determines additional risk factors need to be identified, studied before RA heritability can be fully explained

Meeting: The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Telomeres and the Aging Immune System

How research into telomere shortening is uncovering links to immune response, inflammatory conditions

Meeting: The ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting: Rheumatoid Arthritis Raises Mortality Risk in Women

Data from Nurses' Health Study, other clinical trials point to higher risk of respiratory, cardiovascular disease death in women with RA



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