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Meeting: Global Perspectives on Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis Addressed at the 2013 ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting

Poverty, poor access to healthcare, cultural myths present challenges for rheumatologists caring for patients with RA in developing economic regions

Meeting: Therapeutic Value of Colchicine in Osteoarthritis, Cardiovascular Disease Explored at the ACR/ARHP Winter Rheumatology Symposium

Drug's antiinflammatory properties may help alleviate pain in patients with OA, reduce risk of myocardial infarction, but toxicity, drug interactions need to be considered

Meeting: Treatment Options, Guidelines for Managing Gout Discussed at the ACR/ARHP Winter Rheumatology Symposium

Better understanding of goals, effect of gout therapy with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, urate lowering medication needed to improve quality of care

Meeting: Treating Early-Stage Spondyloarthritis May Prevent Disease Progression, Say Researchers at the ACR/ARHP Winter Rheumatology Symposium

Therapy with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors, nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs, ustekinumab in early stages of osteitis may halt molecular switching to bone-forming phenotype characteristic of SpA

Meeting: Methotrexate May Mitigate Inflammatory Bone Disease Note Experts at the ACR/ARHP Winter Rheumatology Symposium

By regulating molecules key to osteoclast/osteoblast processes, methotrexate may reduce bone destruction in inflammatory arthritis, osteolysis, especially in combination with adenosine

Features: How Rheumatologists Can Boost Patient Understanding of Educational Materials

Choosing appropriate, pre-written disease fact sheets, or writing your own educational documents can help patients with low health literacy comprehend information about their condition

Features: Exploring Kawasaki Disease

New epidemiologic data, clinical studies have shed light on diagnosis, treatments, patient outcomes for this childhood disease, but etiology is still unknown

News: Can Scleroderma Be Cured by Curing Cancer?

Data suggest the 'foreign' antigen triggering the autoimmune response in scleroderma patients is actually a tumor antigen.

News: Let the ICD-10 Testing Begin

“The ICD-10 testing week has been created to generate awareness and interest, and to instill confidence in the provider community that CMS and the MACs are ready and prepared for the ICD-10 implementation,” CMS noted.

News: Approval Expected for Apremilast

An expert in psoriatic arthritis says a soon-to-be widely available new drug may be a boon to rheumatologists—if it’s not too costly.



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