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Features: Does Gastric Bypass Result in Reduced Absorption of Methotrexate?

Data suggest changes in physiology of the gut post-bariatric surgery may result in medication malabsorption of immunosuppressive drugs

Features: Rheumatology Practice Merger Pros and Cons

What physicians should consider before they add partners, expand their practice

Features: Seizures in Lupus

Case report highlights important twist to differential diagnosis of neuropsychiatric lupus

Features: Glucocorticoid Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis Management Focus of Ongoing Debate

Questions around prescribing steroids as bridge therapy, in long-term low dosages, or low-dose timed-release formulas, or not at all evoke controversy among rheumatologists

Features: Skin Disease in Rheumatology Patients Should Prompt Collaboration with Dermatologists

Patients with conditions that don't resolve with topical steroids are signal for referral

Features: Generic Colchicine Approved for Gout Prophylaxis

The cost for therapeautic gout treatment may soon go down, thanks to a recent court ruling

Features: First Symposium of the Russian American Consortium for Excellence in Rheumatology Meets in Moscow

Rheumatologists, immunologists from both countries gather, mark new era of collegiality between counterparts

Features: Giant Cell Arteritis Challenging to Diagnose, Manage

Common form of primary vasculitis difficult to identify, treat, but latest research suggests potential new therapeutic targets

News: Compatibility Issues Make Physicians’ Use of Electronic Health Records Systems Tougher

Rheumatologist says difficulty sharing patient information between different EHR systems an obstacle

News: Controlled Neutrophil Production Could Improve Immunometabolism

A new study of cellular biology in mice unexpectedly turned up a potential pathway to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA).



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