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Features: 7 Tips That Dermatologists Want Rheumatologists to Know

Recommendations on diagnosing, treating health conditions that cross over both specialties

Features: Pediatric Chronic Pain Eased by Early Intervention, Parental Involvement

Comfort Ability program provides psychological strategies to help children self-manage symptoms

Features: Gout, Glucose Metabolism and Obesity: A Case Review

New research explores association between hyperurecimia and gout with metabolic derangement

Features: Occupational Therapy Can Benefit Rheumatology Patients

Patients often manage their condition better, perform daily activities with more ease with help from therapists

Features: What the Healthcare System Can Learn from the World of Bees

Bees' natural instinct to promote health of whole colony could inspire healthcare professionals to work together toward common good

Features: Systemic Sjögrens: More Than a Sicca Disease

Differences in its epidemiologic, clinical and immunologic features underscore need for a homogeneous diagnostic and therapeutic approach

Features: Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Should Exercise More, Sit Less

Physical activity can improve mobility, strength and bone health, reduce fall risk for patients with RA

News: Home Microbiome Project Pegs People as Primary Bacteria Vectors

Research suggests humans harbor microbial fingerprint that can be transferred to new indoor spaces

News: Rheumatologists May Not Benefit from Hike in Healthcare Spending

Experts predict specialists treating chronic conditions may become cost-cutting targets

Features: University of California at San Francisco Rheumatology Division Recognized for Excellence

Diversity, depth of department's clinical and research programs are its hallmarks



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