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Departments: Google Glass Has Potential for Rheumatology, Orthopedic Surgery

Wearable smart-glass device could enable untethered access to electronic health records, be conduit for clinical decision making

Departments: The Rheumatology Podcast Informs, Entertains

Rheumatologist-narrated podcasts about clinical, topical issues in rheumatology help colleagues stay connected to specialty

Features: Personal Health Records Bring Benefits, Limitations to Rheumatology Patient Care

PHRs offer time-saving, communication perks for patients and physicians, but may pose health literacy challenges

Departments: Avoid Data Breaches, HIPAA Violations When Posting Patients’ Protected Health Information Online

Learn how to de-identify patient information before sharing it over social media or by other means

Departments: Expansion of Mobile Health Apps Makes Physicians' Job Easier

Rheumatologists choose, review top mobile health devices

From the College: Deadline Approaches to Participate in Medicare EHR Incentive Program, aka Meaningful Use

2014 marks final year to reap financial benefits for adopting, implementing electronic health record system in physician practice

Departments: Tech Talk: Smartphone Apps, Online Games May Encourage Healthy Behaviors in Rheumatology Patients

Customized text messages and virtual reality technology can help health professionals prompt patients to take medications and get exercise

Departments: Tech Talk: Physicians Debate Using Cell Phones to Communicate with Patients

Concerns about protecting personal privacy and receiving after-hours calls are balanced by physicians’ desire to connect with patients

Departments: Tech Talk: New Technologies Attempt to Find Better Treatments for Rheumatic Diseases

Research in proteomics and genetics sheds new light on treatment strategies, brings potential for breakthroughs

Columns: Speak Out Rheum: Attacks Against Healthcare Providers in China Spur Chinese Rheumatologists to Heal Strained Doctor–Patient Relationships Through Technology

The Chinese SLE treatment and research group (CSTAR) database serves as an information resource about lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and systemic sclerosis, and a communication platform between health-care providers and rheumatology patients



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