Rheumatology Coding Corner Questions: ICD-10 Coding Guidelines, Conventions Refresher Quiz Part 1

  1. What is the ICD-10 guideline to code for osteoporosis without a current pathological fracture?
    1. There is no rule.
    2. Code for the osteoporosis, and code for the pathological fracture.
    3. Code for the osteoporosis from the M81._ category, and code for the history of a pathological fracture.
    4. None of the above is correct.
  2. How many characters are needed for the diagnosis of osteoporosis with a current pathological fracture?
    1. Four
    2. Seven
    3. Six
    4. There is no such code
  3. You’re treating a pregnant patient. How is this coded?
    1. M80.80XA, Z87.310
    2. M81.8, Z87.310
    3. M80.80XD, Z87.310
    4. M81.8
  4. What does the coding convention “Excludes 1” mean when it is listed under the main category?
    1. The codes are excluded from each other and should not be billed together during the same encounter.
    2. You can code the two codes together, but you have to find the other code in another section.
    3. The two codes cannot be coded together because there is a combination code for the two codes.
    4. None of the above is correct.
  5. Generalized osteoarthritis (M15.0) can be billed on the same claim along with any other osteoarthritis codes with bilateral joint involvement from categories M16._, M17._ and M18._.
    1. True
    2. False

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